Parents must know the care of premature infants

  1. due to lack of child sucking the strength, patience feed: General Hospital early feeding is 30-40 minutes at a time.
2. just discharged back home baby, within the first two or three days, their feeding amount at each meal is at the hospital don't have to increase the amount of original, to adapt to the home environment, and then gradually increase the amount, because of changes in the environment impact on children is quite large, especially gastrointestinal function.
3. meals small and discontinuous (each take one minute, bottles for taking the oral and allow the baby to Shun Shun breathing about 10 seconds and then continue feeding) way of feeding, can reduce the amount of milk and respiratory oppression.
4. feeding milk in preterm infants, to promote digestion and increases nutrient uptake.
5. premature changes of temperature and also very sensitive, so pay attention to maintaining body temperature and temperature scale qualitative so as not to cause disease.
6. regular hospital follow-up examinations and treatments: such as audiovisual, jaundice, heart lung, gastrointestinal as well as receive vaccination.
7. maintain close links with the neonatal doctors in order to consult at any time.
8. skilled child care First aid, such as milk, convulsions, skin cyanosis of the processing, for a rainy day.
1. preterm infants play, moves slowly, softly, do not often use new toys, new faces around him. Not too much stimulation in preterm infants.
2. pay attention to the response of preterm infants, as he heads towards, or not looking at you, it means he has "enough", then, you should stop playing with him.
3. indoor temperature, because premature babies body temperature regulation is not yet perfect, without a layer of subcutaneous fat for his holding, loses heat quickly, so the insulation is very important.
4. the night is dark and quiet, premature infants may not be used, lights up the night and play baby music to help premature infants to adapt to the environment.
5. premature infants like to be wrapped in swaddling clothes, pay attention to infant stuff must be soft and bland, the head must not be wrapped.
6. preterm infants due to the respiratory system is not well developed, are sensitive to air pollutants, so babies have to clean air, no smoking.
7. baby bedding and baby furniture should not be too bright and too bright, so as to avoid excessive stimulation in preterm infants.
8. If preterm infants can suck, let him suck nipples, which can help him develop oral skills, but also give him a certain sense of security.
9. most important is: you want to keep an eye on your child's special needs. General law may not be entirely suited to his needs. You have to "listen to his command", don't impose on him. Compulsory
parents of premature infants: developmental evaluation
doctor suggested that parents of preterm infants and children beginning at birth should be observed, understanding actions, intellectual development of premature infants, so that when the problem occurs you can seek medical attention, make timely remedies, that damage is reduced to minimum.
, however, parents need to remember is that the intellectual development of premature infants, must be assessed at corrected age (after the birth of corrected age = age-(40-weeks at birth)/4). For example: only 32 weeks gestational age of the baby has been born 3 months, his correct age =3-(40-32)/4=1 a month. At this time the child's height, weight and head circumference is compared with the normal infant growth curves table in January month. Corrected age using children less than 24 months (2 years).
premature baby development cases should appear as the following:
corrected age 4-month-old: head can be fixed.
corrected age 6 months old: can turn over.
corrected age 9 months: will stand.

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