Sequelae of young parents prevention month

  home has a "month" is really good! because no matter day and night, children from "month". This way, MOM and dad worry a lot! but you know what? You may have got "confinement effects"!
what is the month sequel?
reminded the young parents, not because of confinement, neglect of child care, which is likely to leave a sequela of confinement.
was primarily responsible for the mother of the baby, now have a month to share, MOM no longer children crying and the first rush in the past, no longer have to get up in the middle child care, all month. What happens in this case the sequela?
1, dependence on confinement, which pulled the mother and baby for baby, from
, you smile at him, more for his "quiet grunts softly", much to touch him, accompany him to play.
and has has months sister-in-law zhihou, we of mother "worry" has! with this copies "worry", may adults can goes to arrangements himself of work and life, gradually reply to raising baby zhiqian of State; can also are because such of "worry", mother may will forget has baby what when to eat, and what when will pulled, and what when hilarious, and what when most quiet, and baby of eyes more watched of is "months sister-in-law" has.
2, and parents may will missed baby growth in the of wonderful fragment
was said, do parents most happy of moments is see children of changes--was he toss have tired to half article life of when, he suddenly on you a laugh, you on forget has all of tired; Dang you was he annoying have enough closure of when, he suddenly called you "Dad, and mother" has, you on forget has all of troubles. And this all, if has has "months sister-in-law", you may are will missed!
3, and parents will for baby and "months sister-in-law" of separation difficult and troubled
6 months yihou of baby gradually "at people" has, began determine "attachment" relationship has, they on care himself up of people increasingly intimacy, and finds this people is himself security of Harbour, if this people left has, on baby undoubtedly is a major event. Of course, the baby will eventually adapt to separation, re-building attachment with others, and before the age of 3 through no conscious memory, but parents have to face two problems:
"month" leave after a period of time, how to deal with kids? You have not used your child?
a new "month" needs time, not to mention the new "month" running back and the baby also needs time.
confinement effects do?
said that confinement is not not, young parents really need a helping hand, trained month is a very good social resources. But parents need to be able to balance the confinement and the nurturing role, not only to enjoy the relaxed, can also enjoy the rare happy parenting.
recommends a daily to baby love of said
for 4 months yihou of baby, you can daily in fixed of time in give baby some love of stimulus, as daily morning of Kiss, and farewell, daily night of greeting, and embrace, because this when began, baby has has "order sense", stable of stimulus will let he on you memory deep, on you of greeting know how looks forward to.
recommendation II "confinement" learn a few tricks
"month" to get along with him are always temporary, parents should make good use of the resources, so that they become good helper for your family on the one hand, on the other hand also to worship her as a teacher, the opportunity to learn a few tricks, could be better used to take care of the children alone in the future.
recommends three exclusive arrangements raise the chance
weekend or evening schedule some time, leaving their children alone, the best temporary "confinement" false, totally realize and enjoy the feeling of being a parent. This is a very good training opportunities, not only for parent-child communication, can test their abilities with children, even run into problems, you can "confinement" come back to consult in a timely manner.
suggested four concerned arrangements and "confinement" parenting transition
"month" is ultimately going, as parents of a child to make the transition preparations in advance. Best case scenario is that you already participate in parenting, changing understanding of the child, the "month" leave will not lead to too much as well. If you has been are not too participation on children of care, if "months sister-in-law" suddenly to go has, please she said several must note of matters:
(1) baby daily of regularity behavior: such as when dinner, and when to out Sun Sun, and when to toilet, and when sleep and so on;
(2) baby of Hi evil: such as like to where to, and most like play what, and most like what taste of things, and most love listening to of music or voice, and most like of color and so on; most hate of voice, and most fear of things, and Most refused to of food, and most not like of toy and so on;
(3) baby of development status: such as action, and language, and expression development to where has, and auxiliary food added of situation, and next the note what and so on;
(4) some special problem of processing method: such as if baby not sleep do, and baby bad delicious things do, and midnight baby hilarious do and so on.
This is your experience, next to replace "month" know your baby will also help.

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