Baby care from "head" start

some readers to ask: my baby on the head there is a thick, black, or brown scale-like Cradle cap, looked very dirty, don't know how to remove it? A full moon you can give your baby to have a haircut? Give the baby shampoo should pay attention to what you do? Let us work together to find the answers. Head
baby Cradle Cap cleared?
baby of the sebaceous glands of the scalp secrete active secretions are not cleared in a timely manner, it will be with dirt build up on the scalp, forming a thick crust over a long time, which is Cradle Cap. This is a normal situation, you do not need to go to the hospital for treatment, cleaned up their own mother as long as the home.
How to give your baby a shampoo?
often the baby cleansing the scalp, you can prevent the formation of Dandruff, the stimulation of the scalp can be benign, avoidance of scalp itching, blisters, or even infection, thereby promoting baby hair hair growth and growth.
daily how to care for baby hair?
train your baby a good life habit, hair care, baby has healthy and thick hair. When exposure to sunlight to the baby hair is also very useful, ultraviolet radiation can promote the blood circulation of the scalp and improve hair quality. Worth noting is that when strong sunlight, do not let your baby's scalp exposure.
a full moon you can give your baby to have a haircut?
folk have the habit of full moon baby hair, that Barber can promote hair growth. In fact, this practice is dangerous. Hair growth is mainly controlled by the adrenal glands in the body hormones regulating of sebum, and baby, shave or not shave at all. Baby's scalp is very thin and tender, weak immunity, new born babies to have a haircut only to accidentally cut a treasure.

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