Baby cry how to coax

How to make the baby cry of the newborn is often confused, this time to carefully observe the baby's face, and see if the baby is hungry or wet weather, if not for the following reasons, maybe the baby is not happy. Here are a few way to make babies happy, you can try baby cried.
with a toy to amuse baby
use brightly colored toys with sound to attract baby's attention, they may let him stop crying because of curiosity. Moreover, the bright colors and sounds toys stimulate the baby's Visual and auditory neural development, serve two purposes.
baby listen to music
soothing relaxing music can keep the baby quiet. Mother may wish to select those babies were born when he listened to the music, which can have a sense of familiarity with a baby, naturally quiet.
can give the baby some infant touch action and allow the baby to relax, you can quiet down. But that is an hour before feeding.
baby squeezed hands, gently massage along the baby's back, many babies are very fond of this position. If the baby is lying on the bed, being careful to let the baby's head is turned to one side. Gently shaking, baby
holding the baby, then patted the baby's buttocks, touched his head, and then gently shake, make baby feel like sleeping in the cradle. Vertical hold, Pat
when held upright, you can Pat the baby's back (the hands arch is hollow), or shaking babies, talking softly to him, let him calm down.
coax baby when baby must face, watch your baby's eyes, for baby to see MOM and Dad's face, so that he can rest assured that many.
putting the baby, when to smile, not had an annoyed look, sound pressure, gentle, babies are very sensitive, as he felt your love naturally quiet.
can communicate with baby, in addition to talking outside can also add some action. Seeing much love how can you play with him, and will do this in a more often.

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