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  baby body subtle changes are reflected on the tongue from childhood. Little tongue is the child health situation "barometer". Healthy child's tongue was soft of tongue, telescoping movement, size, wet and dry moderately thin fur on the tongue surface, the color pink and no smell in the mouth, or "little red tongue, thin coating."
, do not neglect map
If you find that your baby tongue tongue appeared uneven flaking of the surface, as maps-like tongue, and this time, parents should pay attention to. Children of
have a map of the tongue is the relationship with the digestive function of spleen and stomach disease, at the time of treatment, the spleen and digestive function, attention to conditioning in your diet, drink more.
b, tongue redness of the floating algae: upper respiratory tract infection with
when the baby is cold and fever, red tongue, usually hand fever and the back of the cooler. Because of the heat, can lead to digestive enzymes in the body are affected, so baby's stools will usually dry, which often occurs in upper respiratory tract infection early or infectious diseases early.
this case, suggested that parents in the diet to drink plenty of water, mainly to light liquid food, eat cold drinks, sweets, eating less meat and greasy food, summer air conditioning in room temperature will not be too low, and timely treatment of the primary disease causing fever for the children.

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