Using egg white to say goodbye after childbirth stretch marks

  beauty is women's nature, newborn baby new MOM estimates is can't wait to get back into shape. And stretch marks postpartum woman beautiful killers. Eggs are very familiar in our daily food, nutrient-rich, fry cooking stew of everything. In fact, in addition to being food, egg also has unique medicinal value. Below, we will show you how to use eggs in addition to postpartum stretch marks.
egg egg sweet cold, heat-clearing and detoxifying, often since time immemorial for external use, promotes tissue growth and wound healing.
egg can make skin white and delicate skin. This is because it is rich in proteins and small amounts of acetic acid, proteins can enhance the skin's oil, acetic acid can protect the skin's slightly acidic to prevent bacterial infections. In addition, egg pay has the effect of detoxification.
for eliminating or reducing stretch marks postpartum, also has a good effect.
gets eggs clear
need with eggs clear Shi, available needle in eggshell of ends the tied 1 a hole, egg whites will from hole outflow to, and yolk still left in eggshell in; also available paper volume into 1 a funnel, funnel mouth decentralization 1 only Cup or bowl, put egg open pour into paper funnel in, protein along funnel into container within, and yolk is whole left in funnel in; if put eggshell playing into two flap, following put a container, put yolk in two flap eggshell in each other pour 2, and 3 times, egg whites, and yolk can separate.
II, specific operations to eliminate stretch marks
egg 1, rinse and massage the abdomen for 10 minutes, put egg whites and put it on his stomach, wipe off the 10 minutes or so, repeat the massage of the abdomen, which can make the skin absorb better.
2, you can also add some olive oil and vitamin e promotes skin regeneration benefits of collagen fibers, vitamin a and c on the crease also play a role.
3, abdominal compress after a good egg, you can also use cotton white cloth wrapped around the waist and abdomen, wrapped him in the daytime, sleep at night, and replaced the next day, because egg whites have a tightening effect, it helps stretch marks disappear after childbirth also help back in shape.

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