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Characteristics of prolactin

  master spread in the Palace, hundreds of massage techniques and the future generations. This prolactin technology traditional Chinese medicine theory combined with acupoint meridians of Chinese medicine massage techniques, based on five lines of Allelopathy and acupoints and meridians, five Zang-organs, Qi and blood relationship, combined with the physiological structure of the breast through point by point, dredging meridians, regulation of the five Zang-organs function, make the five Zang organs function to achieve balance, blood flow, enhance breasts function. Inheriting and carrying forward this dairy-want-want prolactin technology practices, maternal different characteristics, different massage techniques, aimed at different points, and milk glands, pass the Meridian, women no less of milk after childbirth, expansion milk sedimentation, breast, milk lactating breast problems such as obstruction, acute mastitis. This technique after experts evaluation and clinical trials, get the nod.
as well as our professional customers on the basis of breastfeeding diet, women don't have to worry about what to eat. No need to worry about your baby's nutrition balance, providing personalized service, aimed at individual institutions and develop a food-related. Mother dairy-want-want babies healthier.

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