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Nutritional diet

  confinement new Mummy will feel more or less easily sweating, weakness, some mummies also have less milk, and so on. Confinement, what to eat, how to eat, these are not the slightest bit casual.
nutritional diet, is specialized in tailor-made for maternal nutrition-rich, the confinement of healthy and tasty meals. The old saying "diet cures more than the doctor", we bring the best pharmacy to your home kitchen, help you recover a healthy body, perfect body, and prevent the occurrence of confinement.
date of donkey-hide gelatin porridge: this porridge is good in gas-solid, nourishing the blood hemostatic effect of uptake. Can be used for treatment of postpartum Qi deficiency and lochiorrhea, symptoms were symptoms of postpartum Lochia dripping and the sparse nature pink, God tired and weak. ()
Octopus, pig's Trotter with peanuts: the Octopus is rich in protein, is low in calories, with function of nourishing qi. Pig's Trotter with blood, through the effect of milk. After delivery due to weak and insufficient milk, Octopus, pig's Trotter with peanuts as a therapeutic food available.
green papaya soup: green papaya is a high fiber food can not only play a role in slimming, but also promote the secretion of milk; rib fillet is rich in calcium, iron and protein. This is a very good postpartum soup.

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