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Postpartum constipation prevention measures

  women most prone to constipation, especially in the 2-5 days, mainly for the following reasons:
postpartum abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, contraction weakness, abdominal pressure weakens, coupled with maternal physical weakness, bowel force is insufficient and cannot rely on the belly to help bowel movement.
maternal postpartum bed rest, activity, decreased peristalsis, affecting the bowel.
due to the perineal wound pain or the pain of hemorrhoids and not straining to defecate.
within the first few days postpartum maternal diet is simple, often lack of cellulose food, especially the lack of crude fiber content. This reduces irritating effect on the digestive tract, and decreased peristalsis, affecting the bowel.
mothers generally after an enema prior to the birth, postpartum 2nd so no shit.
/> prevention and treatment of postpartum constipation methods appropriate activities--after giving birth, a new mother to bed as soon as possible, appropriate activities, not for a long time in bed.
new mother should always keep the spirit of good mood--happy, feeling refreshed and avoid adverse psychological impact, because emotions can decreased the amount of gastric acid secretion , gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down.
diet meal-the daily need to match a certain percentage of grain, coarse-grain match aimed at diversification of staple food, but also eat some fiber of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat more vegetables, fruits, honey, and so on, to enhance the laxative too. Vegetable spinach, celery, onion, bitter melon, water spinach, leek, fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, apricots.
--a soft and slow purging of drug treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine as well, June onslaught of agent is disabled, so as not to damage integrity. Traditional Chinese medicine:
herbal treatment: 10 g of Cistanche deserticola, Ma Ziren 10 grams of shouwu 10 g, soaked in water to drink; 3 g Senna leaves, soaked in water to drink; 3 grams of rhubarb, 10 grams of Cistanche deserticola, soaked in water to drink. May also have some honey and sesame oil to lubricate the intestines.
topical medication: If 4-5 days without it, may be taking the pill at the same time with glycerine, glycerine embolization into the anus.
If the above two methods are not valid, use warm soapy water a little enema. Or rhubarb 10 g, 10 g dandelion, FRY sauce 100 ml enema.
post-natal gymnastics--new moms should be in bed post-natal gymnastics, anal contractions, pelvic floor muscles, anal blood back. The specific method is, new MOM to do shit, anal up, then relax. Sooner or later, do it again, 10~30.

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