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Newborn clothing should be aware of

  try to choose cotton or silk
area of Guangxi people's Hospital Pediatric Department Director Xie Qingling said baby skin is delicate, so clothing selection attention is required. And stick the clothes are wearing summer clothes, so soft, cool, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and can protect the skin, so it is best to choose cotton dress, silk cloth.
chemical fiber cloth washes well dry, colorful, but not breathable and baby's skin has a certain irritation. Allergy especially for infants and young children, are more likely to cause allergies.
clothes should be larger rather than smaller
second people's Hospital of Doctor-in-charge, Nanning city, said Li Huiling, rapid growth and development of infants and young children, clothing should be larger rather than smaller. Small clothes can make infants sick, affect a child's growth and development. In addition, when you choose an elastic band dresses, elastic not too tight, because the elastic belt compresses the chest and waist, cause rib cage deformations. All in all, clothes to choose easy to shed, simple. Fine
clothes/> Xie Qingling said, because your baby's skin is very delicate, a little friction there would be traces of red. And babies love animals and long-standing friction is easy to make baby skin, susceptible to bacterial infection. So baby clothes, especially in summer wear and underwear, choice, be sure to choose work fine. Workmanship of baby clothes, usually the label sewn on the outside, avoid stimulating your baby's skin, and needle and thread is particularly small, stitches out.
in addition, buys new clothes for baby, before you give your baby to wear, first look, cut off the excess wire with scissors to avoid friction baby skin. Also to check the clothing zipper seams sewn flat so as not to wear baby skin. Dress
solution with articles
wear short sleeve shorts
a lot of mothers in baby clothes, adhere to the "should be more rather than less" principle, for fear the baby cold. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region hospital pediatric department director Chen Shaoke said during the hot season, girls wear sleeveless dresses, boys wear short sleeves or jackets, and wear shorts, romper shorts are also available.
child health is delicate, ability to adapt to the environment is poor, many mothers are concerned about children susceptible to respiratory diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Chen Shaoke said, as long as the clothes to cover the chest and abdomen, can ensure that children do not catch cold.
according to the environment change clothes
hot summer, lots of people want to stay in an air-conditioned room, infants and young children as well. But Chen Shaoke to remind parents that if there is a baby in an indoor, air conditioners at 26 c adjustment of the temperature ~28 ℃, and try to maintain a certain temperature constant. Don't change the temperature, thereby preventing the children catch a cold. If something came up, when you had to take the baby out, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it should be pay attention to change clothes.
How do you know baby clothes are more or less? Chen Shaoke provides two methods, a tail tip, and second limbs touch. As long as the nose and limbs are not cool to the touch, it means that wearing the right.
summer/> should frequently change clothes, kids sweat more, full of sweat on the body and clothes. Therefore, baby clothes, sheets and pillow covers to wash frequently change, so long as dirty with sweat, they should be replaced to avoid suffering from dermatitis and other skin diseases as a result. In addition, many babies prone to drooling and, therefore, pay more attention to frequently change clothes.

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