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Why newborn head soft

  experts: soft to the touch on the baby's head was Fontanelle
most babies have 2 Fontanelle: one in the head, 1 head slightly backward place.
front head opening a larger area called the anterior Fontanelle, approximate the shape of a diamond and a width of 2.5 X2.5 cm. The anterior Fontanelle is usually flat, when a child crying is slightly raised, if the baby's hair was sparse, you can clearly see the Fontanelle pulses beat. Pieces of the anterior Fontanelle in newborn skull was not fully grown up, this special flexible design allows the baby's skull can withstand the extrusion during delivery, and can continue to grow in the first few years.
pillow at the back of the head after another opening called Fontanelle, smaller than the anterior Fontanelle, a triangle, and 1.2 cm in diameter. Brine after doors usually closed within 4 months after the baby is born, and halogen before doors closed until at least until the baby is 1 year old. Don't be afraid to gently touch the baby's Fontanelle, then covered with a layer of solid film that protects delicate tissues below.
children as your baby grows up the skull also continue to grow, the edges of the skull grow new bone, Fontanelle is also shrinking. Most of the anterior Fontanelle in children usually closed around 1, ~1 and a half; posterior fontanel in completely closed 3 months ago. By touching the Fontanelle can look at the size and close, illness can also check Fontanelle problems found.
Fontanelle close early or had finished are not good
If Fontanelle close early (health Hou 3-4 months), measuring have head surrounding is less than normal, common head deformity, and brain development bad, syndrome;
If Fontanelle close delay, Qian Fontanelle over 18 months also not closed, is tips children may with bones development and the calcification obstacles, and rickets, and thyroid function low , and serious nutrition bad, and brain water, syndrome.
If the baby's Fontanelle in a quiet state clearly hollow or full, elevated, you may have exceptions. Former babies may be severe dehydration, severe malnutrition, which babies might increase intracranial pressure, inflammation (encephalitis, meningitis) or toxic (acute poisoning with VitA ). If such situations arise, you should contact your doctor, early detection of problems.

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