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Galactorrhea in neonates

  newborn galactorrhea is a common phenomenon, as if babies eat more, and sometimes down the corners of the mouth to drain milk, or sometimes a hiccup on the spit of milk, which generally is a physiological reaction. Why galactorrhea

newborn with the newborn's immature digestive system and its anatomical traits. Normal adult stomach is incline a and developed pyloric muscle and cardiac muscle. Newborn stomach volume is small, is the level of the stomach, pyloric muscle, closed tight, and cardiac muscles are not developed, closing song, so that when the newborn eating too much or swallowed air is more prone to galactorrhea, it has had no effect on newborn's growth.
newborn galactorrhea do?
as long as the feeding milk, and picked up the newborn Pats, air swallowing, and bed head high right side should be taken as far as possible, will overcome the spilled milk.
's more lateral position to prevent milk inhaled respiratory tract and causes suffocation. Sleep in order to prevent the baby's head tilted, the milk should be taken lying on the right side, left lateral decubitus after the next milking, better this than the supine, and can avoid the risk of aspiration of milk into the respiratory tract.
If the baby choking, parents should immediately take down sideways and tapped back and soaking up the milk out. Also note carefully to see if baby is depressed, there is no pain, if there is, you need to go to the hospital, turn to doctors for treatment.

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