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Nine games develop baby's imagination

  1. make toys
games without toys, children toys is not whether its price is expensive, it is important to see if it can meet the needs of child development of imagination. So sometimes the use of waste materials and the children make toys, often receive unexpected results, is to inspire children to imagine the perfect time for the production process.
2. pinch the dough
parents can give their children enough dough, teaching children to knead, pinch, pressure, volume and other movements, then recast the image of various people and objects. Parents can provide appropriate guidance. Children first started to school, you can do some simple styling, such as noodles, chopsticks, rubber balls, biscuits and so on, until the child is older, could teach them plastic carrots h, twist, dumplings, cups, candied fruit, little rabbit, duckling, Apple, persimmon, aircraft, tanks and other sophisticated styling.
3. snowman
cold northern areas during the winter months, snow snow plastic, let your child drift into a variety of images, such as snowmen, snow, snow, snow board, and so on. Snow plastic simulation of image can be the real thing, or it can be imagined future things or people and things in a fairy tale world.
origami Origami is a creative activity, can exercise skills. Folding the material needed is extremely simple: waste paper and scissors. Teach children on the edge folding, diagonal, four corners to the center fold, successive double triangles to the center fold, double square fold, fold, and on this basis into variety of stuff. Small children can fold wallets, houses, boats, planes, and larger folding frogs, ducks, goldfish, ***, pants, bags and so on.
5. collage
Let the kids loose things, String, yarn, plastic film, color paper, cigarette paper, wrapping paper, feathers, leaves, shells, sticks to the paper, cannot use Paste adhesive tape can also be used. Let children according to their own imaginations to create, posing, and finally form a picture.
imagine a letter write letters on paper and use of letter shapes to create something else. Uppercase "m" as a camel, a capital "b" as a butterfly's wing. Kids free to imagine and create. This game practice letter recognition and memory skills and stimulate the imagination.
7. puppet
according to the child's favorite character in the book a colorful puppet. First draw the face on the stick, add some fibers used as hair and clothing. Next time you when read together, let the children use puppets play a role. After the game finished, place the puppets in place where children can't reach.
stars in the next to eat an Apple Apple, cut the fruit core, arranged in a take a look at how the seeds inside. Asked what was it like? a flower? star? now, remove all the seeds from the fruit out of the core, count the total number. Draw an Apple and let the kids stick the seed to Apple Centre.
9. call
ride out with children, filled with each other on the phone, made the phone ring when he answer, ask him out the window to see what, where is their destination, such as "what did you do in the store? do you like going to the store?"

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