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Baby away from fresh red ass summer

  why is butt easy Red?
mainly as a baby's butt is often caused by wet: the baby's skin is very thin, more moisture, especially contacts with the diaper area skin more thin than other parts of the body, are easily damaged by the friction, a *** are prone to allergies, leads to ass is red. Meanwhile, baby 1/2 of the sweat glands of the skin line related to adults only, but perspiration and adults are almost the same. Coupled with the skin's immune function is underdeveloped and thermoregulation, lower resistance, when the ambient temperature is increased when ass is very easy to turn red. In addition, the baby's metabolism is very active, especially the water metabolism, combined with bladder and small, so urine several times a day. Younger, more urine. If nursing time, small ass, often in humid conditions.
How to make ass relaxed and comfortable?
rinse your ass gently dipping – each time the baby urinates after defecation, Mommy will gently cleanse with warm water butt. After washing, dry them with a soft clean towel dipped in water. Need to remind Mommy about it, not excessive cleaning and wipe baby's ass, so as not to damage the delicate skin.
with fresh skin care ass – after every cleaning, lightly coated in talcum powder on the ass, thin layer can be comfortable. Don't rush too thickly, so easy to form but *** the skin, make it more likely that ass redness or a rash.
ass ventilation after dry – cleaning your ass, ass full "air dry", and then put on clean diapers or soft diaper.
change diapers or diaper-every baby after cleaning the ass, it is timely for clean diapers or diapers. But beware of buying quality diapers or diapers, if the quality is not guaranteed, may induce even in Exchange for diaper rash.
condition to deal with – when the baby when there is a butt red, Mommy must frequently change diapers or diapers and washed with water butt at each change, and then gently sucked the moisture, ventilation drying, and finally gently in the redness of the parts coated with protective cream.

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