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5 to appease the crying of newborns tips

  studies have shown that about half of the newborns cry for more than two hours a day, there are repeated episodes of one-fifth of newborn wailing of the endless, often to new parents MOM and dad do. Even more serious is that the cries of newborns can cause maternal fatigue and despair while suffering from postpartum depression, on the body and cause great damage. Newborns cry for a long time, can also lead to the emergence of a range of other issues, such as breastfeeding failure, the tension in the marriage, and even result in violence incidents of child abuse .
on February 28, Amanda early education experts briefed reporters on the soothing baby's five tips: "package, side, Boo, rocker, suck". It is understood that this method stems from United States paediatrician Dr hawei· Kapu many years of clinical experience and more than 5,000 cases of baby's actual comfort case studies.
package: fetus in its mother's womb is tightly wrapped. Experts believe that "swaddling method" can make your baby feel like a return to the womb, access-protected security. The specific method is: length and width is 1.5 meters of cloth to wrap the baby well, without prejudice to the premise of the baby is breathing normally, try to wrap tighter.
hold: parents often let their baby belly child poses in her arms, but so often do little to soothe the baby. United States experts, just born babies not ready for new virtual environments, for them, coming out from the warm environment of the uterus is similar to ordinary humans to fall from a tree, stimulates our natural "Moro reflex", crying all the time. Baby vertical lift or hold you close this reflection and allow the baby to quiet down as soon as possible.
voice: fetus in utero environment is not very quiet, including the mother of vascular flow "Swish" sound, mother's heart beat sounds, bowel sounds, voices, and so on. Newborn baby's eardrum is thick, for adults is a little loud noise might be just right for newborns. Parents can create a similar sound environment for your baby, use hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, radio, dryer, water, or select "white noise CD", you can achieve a similar effect. The baby's ears "Shhh" sound for the baby very useful, they can get a sense of security.
shake: in my mother's womb, whether mother is walking, sitting and watching TV, or rolled over to sleep, the baby feels comfortable like a boat at sea, so gently rock baby likes. But experts advise parents Note: shaking the baby of a small and fast, inappropriate rocking may cause injury and even death in the baby's body.
: 3 months before the baby's due date started sucking my finger. Put your finger in the baby's mouth, or give him a pacifier use. Sucks can not only ease the baby's hunger will activate deep within the brain, calm nerves, bringing babies into the deep calm, let the baby to the total relaxation of the stage.

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