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Train baby crawl exercises

  life is movement. However the value motion of human infants, but goes far beyond the sport itself. Although neonatal athletic ability than many of the higher animals are so delicate, but he can, in just a year, from lying down learned to walk upright, completed the evolutionary history of a fundamental leap in quality! This is unmatched by other animals. Brain maturation is
baby sport "catalyst" is baby "smart ship" Navigator, and also their source of health and happiness. Baby in constant motion, make all relevant parts of the brain's neural connections, and more accurate, so that the infant movement, flexibility, balance and constantly improve. Sport physical fitness and physical exercise is not only to the baby, but also for cultivation of good character. Whether it is "experience", or go jumping to climb, is the baby's physical strength, perseverance, courage, self-confidence and self-control test. And interesting sports game, for the child to provide opportunities for peer interaction, improve the child's social development.
learn basic motor skills before the age of 3 are the baby's sensitive periods, generally eight months would climb, 1 learned to walk upright, began run around 1 and a half, two years old and learned to dance, up and down the stairs. To seize the opportunity to make full use of this sensitive period, develop baby exercise interests and habits.
young parents, should attach great importance to the baby's ability to crawl, train baby crawling.
1, crawled five functions:
(1) crawling baby body can exercise greater power of muscle activity, especially limb activities coordination and flexibility, is a comprehensive strength and fitness activities.
(2) crawling need close cooperation between large, cerebellum, climb to enrich, cerebellar neural link between. Promote the growth of the brain.
(3), crawling infants began to move their bodies, insightful, informative, and promote the development of their cognitive abilities.
(4) climb can enhance the exchange between mother and child, and promoting the development of baby language.
(5) climb to the baby brings many unexpected pleasures, and "veteran", exercise baby's will and guts is beneficial to your baby's personality.
2, crawling ability development in three phases:
arrived in full crawls: against the baby with her hands two feet, frog-shaped legs, he is taking advantage of the abdomen to pivot forward. This is the newborn start ability. Hands knees crawling: 8-12 months, babies crawling on hands and knees for support.
foot and crawling: about 1 years old, baby body can be supported with two hands and two feet, and crawl.
3, small-step training in crawling and crawling games:
(1) arrived in full crawls: practise 2-4 every day, crawling 2-4 m at a time, every day.
(2) preparation of upper limb: a neck extension arm propped up the upper body: free, toys, posters, face the mirror tease the baby looked up. After 15 days may be appropriate practice; 3-4 times a day after full moon, half an hour today. B single arm weight: when baby learns after the above actions, but when in the prone position, tease him above his side arm with a toy toys in its grasp of the moment, but a one-arm weight, two arm can rotate the exercises. C forearms crossed exercise: baby face down on the bed, in your bed, put both palms up, pad under the baby's Palm, toys and tease in front, cross to move your hands, crossing arms led the baby movement.
(3) prepared in lower limbs: a practicing kneeling: 3-4 months, babies kneel can be held in your lap, or when you lie on your back, so he knelt at the side of your body, hold your body; pictorial, say children's songs, and play with his toys, baby exercise knee support. B legs crossed sports: baby belly down pillow is prone on the mat, baby you grasp it with both hands, ankle, do cross before and after exercise.
(4) coordination of limbs crawling: baby knee hand (or hands and feet), left the bed surface of the abdomen, and limbs coordination crawling. If your baby belly that you cannot get out of bed or unable to move, may be holding the baby belly belly or long scarf pocket, toy induced him to crawl.
(5) crawling game: when the baby hands knees after creeping, crawling game can do. A,, and more obstacles: in baby front put a pillow or big basin, let he climbed had obstacles; b, and drill "cave": you arch waist in ground, abdominal Xia formed a "cave", let baby climbed past; c, and climbed "buildings": in stairs spread a carpet, let baby in you of protection Xia climbed "buildings"; d, and track "Chase": with a baby like of can mobile Toy as ball, and car,, let baby climbed to slow mobile of toy, track "Chase".
two, take the
1, walking freely: the go freely means that not only can go fast, and able to complete some of the more difficult skills. For example, not only can ahead go, also will pour with go, and side with body go, and turn go, and crossed obstacles go; not only can in flat Shang go, also can go slopes, and cursory road along (high out ground, like balance beam); not only can in more wide of place go, also can go with two article line draw "trail", also can stood on tiptoe with toe go, and stepped on with animal "footprints" or in brick Shang go and so on. This is train baby can walk alone and free games. In order to keep your baby's interest, can also use some toys, such as pushing a four-wheeled vehicle ahead, pull "draging duck" back away, and so on. Need to be aware of is that when babies begin to learn to walk, they are advised to make his wrestling, because from the perspective of development, and the child has experienced many triumphs, to withstand the test of frustration.
2, run and jump: about 1 and a half baby walking when he stepped up and began to run. He runs not stable at the beginning, it does not automatically stop, at the age of 2, he can continue to balance running 5-6 m. Let baby learn run Shi can into several small steps:
(1), and led hand run: you and baby face-to-face, led with he of two only hand, you backward slowly back with run; then only led with he of a only hand back with run; last you from side led with he of a only hand, with a only ball forward roll, you with Chase ball. You do not force holding the baby's hand while practicing, but should try to keep his balance, just in case you don't make babies dislocated forearm.
(2), let go and run: the baby while running forward you half a meter long jogging back in front of him, in case he top-heavy front fell.
(3), automatically stops running: baby when running and will automatically slow down and stop smoothly, they learned how to run. With a password while you can baby "one or two, three, stop" helped him learn the body straighten, smooth pace slowed down and stopped.
2 years ago mainly for the baby to learn two feet jump in place. The key here is to let the baby learn to place your feet together and jump. Concrete steps are: Fu Fu arm, arm jump – take off – hold hand jump--letting go jump. Also allows him to hold the furniture to practice taking off, you can also hold his hands jumped down from the height of 10-15 cm, to train with his feet while jumping skills. Learning should be combined with a password of "one or two, jump! " Baby make takeoff preparation.
3, stairs: stairs baby's favorite activities. Stairs will not only train baby leg muscle strength, body balance, but also the courage and guts. Baby will go to practice after walking up the stairs. Begin if possible you should choose shorter steps, or with 3 different 5-10 cm cardboard boxes which contained communication or other hard objects against the wall to let baby practice. When he was holding the hands of adults after two steps to a new level, you have to let him practice alone on the wall or railings on the stairs. You can with a he like of toy put in stairs of platform Shang, let he station in just Michael a steps on can Shang platform enough take toy of stairs Shang, you in side protection;, he master has this skills Hou, again let he Shang two a, and three a steps above only can take toy; then again with high of usually stairs (steps about 15-16 cm) practice.
4, play ball: the ball is one of the most interested in baby toys. Because you can roll jump ball, can run without any effort, baby on the way, and each time it stops where are unpredictable, also recovered, this novelty and fun to play. 1-2 baby is mainly learning to throw the ball and play.
(1) threw ball: 1 age around can stand Hou, on can practice hands had shoulder threw tennis or diameter in 6-8 cm of ball, first let baby single hand caught ball lift had shoulder (said "lift high"), then listening to password "one or two, and threw", will ball forced forward threw out about 1 meters far; 1 age half to 2 age Shi, can requirements he threw ball not only has must distance, and to has must direction.
(2) play: 1 and a half or so babies can learn to play football. Just learning to play football for the times put his furniture in case of falls. To this end, the feet should be school children, baby playing in the moment to maintain the body's balance, as baby "cock" interest can be a punching bag or blocks on a foot lift foot, to attract him to mimic your movements. You can use chairs and sticks to build a simple goal, you and your baby practice respectively in the top two, "shot", as a "country".

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